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MCM offers a fantastic service to me and my business. This has helped me expand my business through digital marketing and given me a greater understanding and control of this area. Martin is an excellent communicator and has a vast knowledge. Thanks to all the MCM team for your continual excellent work. Highly Recommend.
Tom Stockdale
Tom Stockdale
06:22 09 May 19
Thank you so much Martin for all your hard work! I would really recommend Martin if you want to grow your business and see more leads come in. Martin is very easy to work with and goes above and beyond!
Emma Brimson
Emma Brimson
09:28 08 May 19
Martin has been a great help to our business, he has helped to professionally guide us with our SEO & Marketing, and continues to support us in driving our business forward.
After meeting Martin through one of his outstanding workshops I decided I required a superior web site, business cards and flyers. Martin excelled my expectations even higher.He presented me with a web site that was more than perfect,business cards that yet again are faultless.He has patience of a saint and knowledge that is exceptional.If you ever think you can do it first hand yourself. Think again !!!Get in touch with Martin you'll be leaving it in expert hands.
Katrina May
Katrina May
17:27 01 Nov 18
Martin has a wealth of experience after 27 years in the industry and it shows!! He’s a real expert so you know you’re in safe hands and he has really gone over and above to help me understand how I can optimize my website performance!
Rebecca Hartley
Rebecca Hartley
22:27 27 Feb 18
Martin presented his Digital Marketing Masterclass with knowledge and enthusiasm. I learnt a lot and would recommend it highly.
Simon Griffin
Simon Griffin
09:15 09 Feb 18
Martin has provided us with valuable insight as to how we can maximise our marketing budget and effectively use Adwords. Thanks Martin
Beehive Healthcare
Beehive Healthcare
17:50 17 Nov 17
I attended a digital marketing workshop led by Martin and really benefitted from the course. Martin's presentation gave me a clearer understanding of digital marketing, and I found it useful that it was tailored to our small business. Martin was very informative and shared a lot of practical tips which I hope to implement going forward. Thanks Martin!
Rachel Billington
Rachel Billington
14:11 24 May 17
I would highly recommend Martins work. Having attended a workshop on digital marketing run by Martin, I was extremely impressed with his depth of knowledge and experience in marketing. Having provided me with some fantastic information I have been able to plan and begin a marketing strategy for my company with confidence that I am getting the foundations right. Following the course, Martin provided 1 - 1 time and gave me invaluable advice and help on designing my own website. Setting up a new company has many hurdles and with Martins help the marketing side for me has been dramatically lowered and is far less daunting now.
Suzanne Miller
Suzanne Miller
17:18 20 May 17
Martin set up my Google AdWords for me and I cannot thank him enough. He made the whole process simple and easy to understand. He also gave me lots of useful hints and tips about how to move forward with my marketing.Through my AdWords campaign that Martin set up for me I have won hundreds of new clients and his part in this really cannot be overstated.Use with every confidence that he will win your business more work!
Mark Littler
Mark Littler
11:58 20 May 17
Martin puts forward an effective and interesting course on Digital Marketing. He provides an in-depth knowledge in this vast topic, and manages to put details over in an easily understandable manner. The course was very inspiring and has helped me greatly. Thanks Martin
14:17 19 May 17
Martin held a group of workshops on digital marketing.We covered a lot of information ,he made it applicable to our small business. I am now more confident in our digital marketing strategy and have implemented some ideas already. He doesn't set unrealistic goals, and makes everything achievable for a small business. He doesn't talk down to you;and makes marketing seem simple and easy, when sometimes it really isn't! Thanks
Mark Littler
Mark Littler
14:10 19 May 17

As a small specialist business reducing costs is always a priority. However, managing the various elements of success digital marketing can be difficult. Martin managed to do both – he reduced our cost per click by 70% in our pay per click campaign and runs our monthly email newsletter.

Lizzie Green

Marketing Manager, Lewis Group Group

MCM2 always exceeds our expectations! Martin helps us with a variety of aspects of our marketing including email marketing, advertising and website work. The return on investment is brilliant, as a small business we don’t have the budgets of major companies and Martin manages to use what we have and produce outstanding results.

Richad Taylor

Managing Director, Homefeeds

Martin has helped us achieve astonishing results with our digital marketing. He has been running our email marketing campaign for 2 years and has helped us to achieve a 30% open rate and 60-70% click through rate which is not only almost unbelievable it far exceeds our wildest expectations. Importantly we can trace key new customers initial interaction with us back right to the digital marketing message they received from us.

Mike Weston

Commercial Manager, Premiere Furniture

After taking part in one of Martin’s brilliant training courses at Reaseheath, I contacted him for additional help with the digital marketing for my business. He set up and now runs my pay per click campaigns which delivers additional business, and all at a low cost – which as a small business is vital.

Tom Stockadale

Managing Director, Stockdale Fencing

Martin from mcm2 marketing recently provided an excellent 3 day training course on social media marketing and websites, Included were the usual suspects of SEO and Pay Per Click advertising. However, Martin went a lot deeper on subjects and his expertise and knowledge were exceptional. Martin presented some very heavy subjects in a light and humorous way which made the 4 hours per day fly by. He mentioned in passing his love of comics and has a certain dark lord look about him!! Highly recommended. Many thanks

Mike Morton

Managing Director, Find Inspiration In Food

As a medium sized business I want to work with someone local, who I can contact any time and who will always give me the support I need, Martin always delivers. He has built a couple of websites for me over the years. The work is always done fast, accurately and above all on budget – which, as a professional buyer is absolutely crucial!

John Smyth

Managing Director, Professional Purchasing Solutions

As one of the top specialist land-based Colleges in the country, we have a range of products and support a lot of industries which can be confusing to people not aware or involved in the land-based sector on a day to day basis. Our students are highly media savvy, and this puts additional pressure on delivering outstanding marketing. I have used Martin and his company for the last 6 years on digital projects from video production, seo and ppc as well as getting to grips with the copy on our huge website. I like the fact that no job is too small and that they are always willing to give their opinion and support across any level of our organisation. As an agency they are in it for the long term, and are willing to commit whatever resources are necessary to get the job done.

Glyn Ferriday

Marketing Manager, Reaseheath College

We retain Martin and his team to handle the bulk of our marketing, leaving us to be able to do what we do best, sell exceptional outdoor furniture. Whatever you throw at them, from email development, web development to small design jobs they always more than deliver. We are a company focussed on sales performance and customer satisfaction, and I want to work with an agency that supports that. Martin’s team treat our budgets as if they were spending their own money, dragging every bit of return on investment they can from every penny, which is crucial in today’s market place.

Tim Appleton

Owner, Akula Living

Being a local company I obviously didn’t have huge budgets, but I still needed a site that looked great, was mobile responsive and that would be able to grow over time. I needed a small website that I could manage myself, which would support me in developing my business. Martin and his team did an excellent job, going above and beyond what I could have expected from them.

Mandy Weston

Owner, Corefit Unique

We have been using our new website for about a year now and it has enabled Nantwich Town Council to have a much more effective and professional looking tool to communicate with residents and keep them up to date. The web site is easy to maintain and meets our needs for updating pages and posts in a very flexible way. The team at MCM2 went out of their way to help us in the setting up process and I would strongly recommend them to any Town or Parish Council considering setting up a website.

Ian Hope

Town Clerk, Nantwich Town Council

Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College have utilised the services of MCM2 for over 2 years after being recommended to them by Reaseheath College. I have been impressed by their knowledge, professionalism and responsiveness. As my key contact, Martin really helped the College take control of its digital marketing strategy and co-ordinated a cohesive and effective series of digital based advertising and engagement campaigns. In essence Martin made the College a more serious player in the new digital world.

David Branch

Head of Marketing, Cheadle and Marple College