Social Media Marketing for SMEs Parts 1 and 2


Date – April 02, 2020

Start Time – 10:00 am

End Time – 01:00 pm

Price – - Free

Venue – Online - Via Zoom, United Kingdom

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Using Social Media For Marketing Part 1 and 2

The Social Media Marketing Session is a short course for people who want to know what works and what doesn’t work on Social Media. We discuss how to cut through the noise and get the best out of Social Media without burning too much time on it.

The session concentrates on Social Media as a marketing channel: how it fits in with your overall marketing strategy and how to use it to support your objectives and ultimately gain more business in the real world.

We discuss the difference between Social Media as an end in itself and Social Media as a marketing tool with the focus on empowering attendees to use the available channels in the most productive, efficient and successful ways for their current or future business.

We are splitting the course in to two sessions, usually we do it in a whole day, but since we have not delivered it online before I am a little wary of how long people will spend on an online course. Not sure about holding peoples attention for a whole day, online. The 2nd slot will be confirmed once we have delivered the first.

Session Outline

Part 1

  • Introductions: outline the purpose of the day and state what we are going to achieve.
  • Complete a ‘what are we doing now?’ exercise to involve participants in mapping out their current activity.
  • Review of digital marketing and social media: the nature of the market, a review of what each area is, who it targets and what it does.
  • How it all works together – this is crucial as digital marketing has to work holistically, otherwise considerable budgets can be wasted.
  • An overview of the nature of the messaging: what you are currently doing and a model you can use. We use a list of questions to direct social media activity which you can then review against your own business.
  • Specifics of each channel: what works and what doesn’t work on each, best routes and best methods.
  • Video: since video has become increasingly important, we will talk about some of the key principles from a social media perspective.
  • What to do, how to do it and what not to do.

Part 2

  • Paid media on social: how to set up funnels and how to use social media as a paid channel to get genuine benefit.
  • Planning: review and plan what you are going to do next.


During the course, you will have developed an action plan which you can take away for implementation.

As this is the first training session we’ve run on ZOOM, to be honest, we’ve no idea how it’ll go! Hopefully, very well – and in our defence, the face-to-face ones have been really successful!

So, people who book on are guinea pigs – but, it is free after all!

There are no places left, please email me, we will put on two courses if there is enough interest!