This is an old rule, and one that can be really hard to apply in today’s digital environment, but keep at the back of your mind.

Generally speaking, it means that it’s best to have some form of measurement of an activity or it’s hard to gauge the value added. You need to think about what success looks like? What are you hoping to achieve? The point of measuring an activity and knowing the results is so that you can improve them. If you don’t know how quickly you can run a mile, you don’t know if you’re getting any faster. You can measure how many new visitors your website had in the last 7 days. Or the last 30. How many of them clicked through? Where did they come from? What are your customer satisfaction rates? How many leads have you had in the last month? How many sales have you made? If the data is there, use it.

There are so many things you can measure to give yourself information that you can act on. Then you can improve what’s going well and address weaknesses. But if you don’t have a starting point, you won’t know.

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