Marketing Workgroup

Welcome to our marketing workgroup.

Every month a group of like-minded individuals get together on Zoom for an hour to discuss marketing, share tips and ideas, and learn from each other how to improve their marketing. The session is split into two sections;

1) Coaching/training – we have 20-30 minutes of coaching/training on a specific element of marketing, it could be social media, ppc, organic search, anything really. Sometimes its done by a member of the group, sometimes a guest speaker, most times it will be us! The group can choose what they want to talk about.

2) Sharing – we then have 30-40 minutes of sharing tips and ideas. Usually on the subject we have been coaching on, or on the book/podcast we have listened to. The idea being to share what we have learned, what we do that works, and doesn’t work, to learn from each other. 

Each month we also recommend a book/podcast/blog post to read or listen to. But, the session is designed so that even if you don’t read the book, you can pick up tips from the people who have. Not everyone likes to read marketing books, but all of us can learn from other people.

We rotate the books we read with every person getting the opportunity to suggest one.

There is no agenda and no selling – the idea is simply to learn, share, and support each other.

The benefits

  • Networking – you get to meet people who do what you do, marketing, either for their own business, or as part of a wider organisation. You can ask questions, share experience, pick up ideas, with no agenda. The group is a ‘safe space’.
  • Professional development – sometimes it is hard to develop your professional skills. Time, resource and motivation can all get in the way when you are busy running your business or doing your job
  • Support – the group provides an informal support network, which stretches far beyond the actual sessions.

The rules

  1. Members are expected to share issues, to be honest and to give advice. But they are not expected to sell their services.
  2. Join in!

If you want to join the group, fill in your details and we will get back to you

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