Try to create Love and Lust in your customers (perhaps not literally).

If they love you, they will buy from you, if they lust after your product, they will buy more, they’ll buy it sooner and they’ll tell their friends.

With social media, you have the opportunity to give and receive the instant feedback and connections with your customers that we are all increasingly programmed to want.

Obviously, face to face interactions are still important, but clever use of social media in an ever-more frenetic world enables you to create and maintain relationships and a sense of connection with your audience which you can use to your advantage.

You can track how people are responding to your products, services and brand. You can target your audience through specifically chosen platforms and develop your ‘know, like and trust’ factors with customers and prospects.
You can respond to concerns and build relationships with your ‘tribe’ promptly while continuing to cater to what it is that your customers identify with and like about your brand.

And because we never tire of being heard, listening ourselves and connecting with others, you can create love and lust for your product over and over again.

This was written as part of a content marketing strategy for Animmersion, a client based in Middlesborough. MCM2 provide full-service digital marketing, including, email marketing, pay per click, content, seo, design, web building and strategy.

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