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If you always do what you’ve always done…

…you’ll always get what you’ve always got…

…unless things change.

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Customers come to us when they need some help with their marketing efforts. They may be in a period of growth and are just not sure what to do, or be well established brands that want a fresh, honest, perspective on things.

We work with a lot of start ups who have got the basics in place, but have hit some stumbling blocks when working with marketing and need some support and guidance to move to the next level. We also work with a lot of people who are not sure they are getting value for money or who, to be honest, are worried that they are being taken advantage of.

We have many years of digital marketing and traditional marketing experience, covering every aspect of the marketing mix, having worked across a range of brands and market sectors. We apply this knowledge to our clients, be they a small business selling cakes from their kitchen or a long established IT company.


We like to work with businesses that want someone who knows exactly what they are doing and doesn’t charge too much for it.

Many of our clients are local companies who want confidence that they are getting best advice. They appreciate working with an honest company that treats them and their budgets with respect.

The best thing about what we do is that we get to work with some outstanding people.

People who are just starting out, trying to build a company, growing an established business or looking for extra support. It’s the people we are lucky enough to work with who make the job interesting.

So, rather than just showing you their logos, here are some of our amazing clients.

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I’ve used Martin numerous times now to help me set up websites. He is superb and always gets the job done in no time at a great price as well.He is my go-to person for any work like this and is always very reliable.
Amy Rogerson
Amy Rogerson
16:50 02 Mar 20
Martin offers a 5* web design service, making the whole process easy to understand and manageable. Highly recommend
Vicki Smith
Vicki Smith
14:28 24 Oct 19
MCM offers a fantastic service to me and my business. This has helped me expand my business through digital marketing and given me a greater understanding and control of this area. Martin is an excellent communicator and has a vast knowledge. Thanks to all the MCM team for your continual excellent work. Highly Recommend.
Tom Stockdale
Tom Stockdale
06:22 09 May 19
Thank you so much Martin for all your hard work! I would really recommend Martin if you want to grow your business and see more leads come in. Martin is very easy to work with and goes above and beyond!
Emma Brimson
Emma Brimson
09:28 08 May 19
Martin has been a great help to our business, he has helped to professionally guide us with our SEO & Marketing, and continues to support us in driving our business forward.
After meeting Martin through one of his outstanding workshops I decided I required a superior web site, business cards and flyers. Martin excelled my expectations even higher.He presented me with a web site that was more than perfect,business cards that yet again are faultless.He has patience of a saint and knowledge that is exceptional.If you ever think you can do it first hand yourself. Think again !!!Get in touch with Martin you'll be leaving it in expert hands.
Katrina May
Katrina May
17:27 01 Nov 18
Martin has a wealth of experience after 27 years in the industry and it shows!! He’s a real expert so you know you’re in safe hands and he has really gone over and above to help me understand how I can optimize my website performance!
Rebecca Hartley
Rebecca Hartley
22:27 27 Feb 18
Martin presented his Digital Marketing Masterclass with knowledge and enthusiasm. I learnt a lot and would recommend it highly.
Simon Griffin
Simon Griffin
09:15 09 Feb 18
Martin has provided us with valuable insight as to how we can maximise our marketing budget and effectively use Adwords. Thanks Martin
Beehive Healthcare
Beehive Healthcare
17:50 17 Nov 17
I attended a digital marketing workshop led by Martin and really benefitted from the course. Martin's presentation gave me a clearer understanding of digital marketing, and I found it useful that it was tailored to our small business. Martin was very informative and shared a lot of practical tips which I hope to implement going forward. Thanks Martin!
Rachel Billington
Rachel Billington
14:11 24 May 17
I would highly recommend Martins work. Having attended a workshop on digital marketing run by Martin, I was extremely impressed with his depth of knowledge and experience in marketing. Having provided me with some fantastic information I have been able to plan and begin a marketing strategy for my company with confidence that I am getting the foundations right. Following the course, Martin provided 1 - 1 time and gave me invaluable advice and help on designing my own website. Setting up a new company has many hurdles and with Martins help the marketing side for me has been dramatically lowered and is far less daunting now.
Suzanne Miller
Suzanne Miller
17:18 20 May 17
Martin set up my Google AdWords for me and I cannot thank him enough. He made the whole process simple and easy to understand. He also gave me lots of useful hints and tips about how to move forward with my marketing.Through my AdWords campaign that Martin set up for me I have won hundreds of new clients and his part in this really cannot be overstated.Use with every confidence that he will win your business more work!
Mark Littler
Mark Littler
11:58 20 May 17
Martin puts forward an effective and interesting course on Digital Marketing. He provides an in-depth knowledge in this vast topic, and manages to put details over in an easily understandable manner. The course was very inspiring and has helped me greatly. Thanks Martin
14:17 19 May 17
Martin held a group of workshops on digital marketing.We covered a lot of information ,he made it applicable to our small business. I am now more confident in our digital marketing strategy and have implemented some ideas already. He doesn't set unrealistic goals, and makes everything achievable for a small business. He doesn't talk down to you;and makes marketing seem simple and easy, when sometimes it really isn't! Thanks
Mark Littler
Mark Littler
14:10 19 May 17

Services we offer


Organic Search - SEO

Email marketing

Website design and build

Marketing consultancy



Brand development


Direct marketing



Paid for search - Pay per click


Content Marketing

Social media marketing

Traditional advertising


GDPR Compliance

Corporate identity

Online review management

Marketing Strategy

Marketing training and development

Online advertising

Database development and management

CRM Development

The world of marketing is unrecognisable compared with 15 years ago. Some of us can remember a world before Facebook and Google but now we live in a marketing world dominated by a few key channels – and most importantly – dominated by consumers.

As technologies continue to evolve so do customers.

As a result, the marketing activity of a company needs to keep up both with  applying digital technologies and developing the knowledge and skills to use them. It’s no longer good enough to produce a wonderful brochure, print out beautifully designed leaflets and (metaphorically or literally) start knocking on doors.

Now we need to entice our prospects and customers to come to us, to engage with us, and to stay engaged.

So, you can develop your website (and you need to keep developing it), run pay per click campaigns, use social media, create viral marketing, have a quality blog, Twitter, Tumblr, pinterest, apps, online media space, analytics, goal tracking – the list goes on… and it can all be very confusing for most businesses.

But not for us. We can lead you through the world of digital and social marketing and make a difference to your company.

Call us on 07765 406530 or email martin@mcm2.co.uk

We will review what you want to achieve, assess your current activity and implement an integrated digital strategy which will deliver the best results for your budget.

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