How much it costs varies depending, understandably, on what you want to achieve.

We pick up a lot of clients who have been overpaying people who it seems don’t really care about doing a good job.

We pick up a lot of clients where the mix is wrong so they are spending too much on ‘fees’ and not enough on client acquisition.


We also pick up a lot of clients who don’t have full access to their own websites or control of their own analytics – and even in some cases where the agency says they still own the design. Because we find this so annoying we always build sites on hosting that is set up by us but owned by the client, in a standard CMS System, that the client has full access to.

For marketing work we charge between £400 and £600 a day, depending on the project we are doing.

What makes us different, is we don’t make up the time it takes. We never say it’s 2 days if it is 1, or even 1/2.

We also deliver a lot of strategy work, and training for groups. Generally this is costed on a bespoke basis, but due to the nature of the work, the prepreparation we charge more for this, between £900 and £1,200 per day.

On short-term projects the rate is at the higher end. On long-term projects or where there is a long-term relationship, we charge nearer the lower rate. We would rather people spent the bulk of their budget on direct customer acquisition than on fees to us. In the end they will be more successful, and therefore work with us for longer.

So if you want us to do a day a month, with some level of commitment (usually three months with a 1 month rolling cancellation), then it’s going to be around £550 per month. If you wanted us to do 4 days a month it would be closer to £400 per day.

Most of our clients have between 1 and 5 days a month. We don’t work on an ad hoc hourly basis with new clients, but for people we have worked with before who need help, we are more flexible.

We can take people on for 1/2 day a month when they don’t have huge budgets – in which case we are very targeted and specific about what we do.

If you click on any of the tabs below you will get an idea of how much things cost, and what we do with the time.

Or just give us a call on 07765 406530 and we can talk you through it.

In 1/2 a per month day we...

A lot of our clients use us for 1/2 day a month in which we focus on search engine optimisation, and paid search. It has to be a relatively simple PPC campaign, but we find that in a 1/2 day, we can do a hell of a lot to drive traffic to the client’s site.

Some of our most successful clients, who are on page 1 of Google for all their main keywords, and generate the majority of business through Google search, only have 1/2 day a month.

In 1 day per month we do complex PPC and SEO...

Some of our clients take us on for 1 day a month, just to focus on PPC and SEO. We take on a lot of clients who have very complex PPC campaigns, or challenging SEO objectives.

We tend to find that 1 day is enough to get them to hit their objectives. We recently picked up a client who was paying £1,300 for the same services we can do in a day.

A few months later, their cost per click is down and they are saving around £1,000 per month.


Or, in 1 day we do a mix...

For some clients who have simple PPC campaigns, we are able to cram a huge amount of work into a day. Offering ongoing PPC management and SEO, as well as social media management and content writing.

This is probably our key service as it gives most companies the necessary core areas, while keeping the costs down.

More complex clients who need 3-4 days

We have a number of clients who need 3-4 days per month. They have more complex products and more complex objectives. In 3-4 days we generally:

  • support them on their brand and strategy
  • work on their marketing collateral – presentations, leaflets, brochures
  • optimise their site to maximise performance
  • email marketing
  • content and thought leadership pieces
  • search engine optimsation
  • complex paid for search across multiple channels and networks
  • etc!
Standard Web support - 1/2 day

Some clients just use us to support them with ongoing web development.

To be honest, we wouldn’t want this to be more than 1/2 day – if it’s much more than this then we would question the value they are getting.

1 Day's strategy or training

For years we have been supporting clients in developing their strategy and by delivering marketing training. The idea being to support them to be more self-sufficient.

We charge between £900 and £1200 per day in this case.

Dead simple websites

A dead simple website, for a small client, usually takes us between 1 and 2 days. We have built sites in 1 day but they really are simple ones, and it’s a really hard day’s work. Usually it takes about 2 days so for a one-off product you are talking around £1000.

More complex websites

The most expensive site we have built cost around £3,500 for a large ecommerce solution, integrated with a fulfilment company, charging in a couple of currencies, with over 5,000 products.

On average though, most sites cost between £1,600 and £3,400.

How much to set up my ppc campaign

Depending on the complexity it takes between 1/2 day and a day to set up a full campaign. That’s setting everything up, creating the ads, ad groups, campaigns and keywords. so depending on what the plan is, you can bank on it being between £200 and £450. For most people we do it as part of an ongoing program – in fact, we’ve never set up a PPC campaign and then not managed it for a while at least, so its probably around the£500 per day mark.