This is a relatively short post putting over my view, which I hold pretty strongly, that most content marketing forgets that it is actually supposed to be  marketing.

Content in itself is not a goal, it is not an end in itself, it is not worth doing for its own purpose.

There are two words in the title – content and marketing.

One of the reasons we are so bogged down in so much crap content is that people have forgotten that simple fact.

Marketeers, highly creative and logical people throw content out with no view of strategy or purpose.

Business people who usually spend their money very carefully just fire out articles and stories.

Measurement has gone out of the window, strategy is forgotten.

And that is not marketing.

I’m not exactly sure what it is, but it is not marketing.

To be marketing:

1) it has to have a concept, a conceit, an idea. There has to be something behind it. You cannot just create “awesome” content for its own sake. Just throwing things together, re purposing other people’s ideas. There has to be a reason for it, there has to be an idea!

2) it has to be measurable – not that is easy, but you have to set some parameters, otherwise what is the point? We need to be able to set parameters and try to assess ourselves against them.

3) it has to deliver business – marketing is about the delivery of customers and therefore profit. We have to be delivering business with our marketing.

Obviously as this is one of my favourite themes there will be lots of blogs about this over the next few weeks.

Poor content is easy, great content not so easy.

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Try to avoid your marketing all being marketing toss!

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