One thing people have asked us is how do you really get under the skin of your business and get grips with what your business does, how do you create some really creative ideas from what may appear to be boring products?

Right, “what do we do?” It sounds obvious I suppose, but it really isn’t when you start getting down to it.

It is not good enough for content marketing to just say “we make nails” or “we make furniture” that does not really give you any space you can own. It limits you to just taking about the factual product, nails or furniture, you need to take what we call some side steps.

A side step is where you take a small step away from your product or business, a creative step rather than a creative leap.

Its a simple creative technique that can take you to a different space and give you ideas for your content marketing.

The best way to explain it is to give you some examples – lets take people with perhaps relatively dull products.

We just make nails 1

  • What do we do?                                        We make nails
  • Sidestep 1 – what do they do?                They put holes in things?
  • Sidestep 2 – for what purpose?             So people can hang pictures on their walls?
  • Sidestep 3 – why do they do that?         Because they like them, because they want to put up photographs or pictures?
  • Sidestep 4 – why?                                      So that they can be reminded of memories, of places they have been and people they met?

Ok, so we make nails, small metal objects which help people remember the good times.

Ok so we make nails, which help people get the most out of their walls

Ok so we make nails which make peoples homes look great

Content ideas – how about a pinterest campaign around taking a blank wall and putting your favourite images on it. A wall of memories. A campaign around if the house burned down, which photo would you grab off the wall. We could do loads of stuff on wall decoration, tips and techniques.

We just make nails 2

  • What do we do?                                                                             We just make nails
  • Sidestep 1 – what do they do?                                                     They hold bits of wood together?
  • Sidestep 2 – what do people do with them?                             Make fences, build sheds, shelves, floorboards, barns
  • Sidestep 3 – what is the point of that?                                      It’s a relatively cheap way to stick things together, and it is better than glue
  • Sidestep 4 – what is the point of sticking things together?  Without the nails things would fall apart.

Ok, so we make nails, without which things would fall apart – we help things stick together

Ok, so we make nails, we hold things together – we keep things together

Ok, so we make nails, we are something really undervalued – but without which so much that is important to us would fall apart

Content ideas – we can do a whole diy gig, showing how to make stuff, thousands of tips on diy. We could go off on a tangent and do video work on what happens when things are not held together properly. We could even do marriage guidance on how to keep things together – it could easily link to a campaign on dating sites. We could do something about the little things in life that make a difference, which when we think about we could not do without.

We do furniture

  • What do we do?                                                                             We make furniture
  • Sidestep 1 – for where                                                                   For outdoors, seats, tables and so on
  • Sidestep 2 – which means what?                                                People can do stuff outdoors like relax, have barbeques be with friends
  • Sidestep 3 – why?                                                                           Because its fun
  • Sidestep 4 – what is the point of that?                                       Because life is made up of moments of things we can enjoy, things we remember

Ok, so we make furniture – so people can enjoy themselves outside

Ok, so we make furniture – we help people enjoy themselves

Content ideas – we can own the outdoor space, the relaxing, outdoors enjoying yourself. We can easily create emotional links by talking about memories outside, holidays, barbecues. We could do a barbecue cookbook, we could do reviews of outdoor products which people can enjoy, outdoor living photography, anything which links to the fun, relaxing emotional element. We could do lots of stuff on significant moments which happen outside, outdoor memories, significant events.

Does that make sense?

If you want any help with any of it, if you send me an email, we will go through the process and send you some ideas, it might just help you to start –

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