Most people struggle to work out what to say and do on Facebook. They are not sure what to use it for, and rapidly find that they are not really generating any business from it.

Facebook soon becomes an end in itself, managing it becomes something you do, something that you only rarely question.

We find that people struggle to get their heads around what Facebook is about and we find that the easiest analogy is that they should think about it as if it was the Pub.

The pub, where people sit around talking to their mates, chewing the fat, enjoying themselves. Sometimes watching sport, listening to music and playing pool.

The pub is where people go to socialise, to connect, to share stories.

The pub is where people relax.facebook marketing
So, bear in mind, whatever you do as a company, as a brand that you are impacting on, interfering with, that social experience.

When was the last time you bought anything in a pub that did not directly add to the experience?

What would happen if someone overheard you saying that you had just seen the latest Iron Man film, and walked over trying to sell you tickets to see Captain America 2? – If you were surfing the cinema times, or queuing, then ok. but sitting in the pub talking to your mates, they are unlikely to get a good response.

Perhaps that is why click through rates on most Facebook ads are so low, why most people find it hard to see the direct financial benefit of their facebook activity.

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