I received a piece of advice from a highly respected expert in social media – it was that you should work on being amazing in each social channel and once you have become amazing there, move on to the next.

The idea being, that we should spend time doing one thing amazingly, keep doing it amazingly, and have the processes in place to carry on doing it amazingly before we move on to the next.

So don’t set out to do more than one channel until you can do one properly.

Many clients have multiple channels, and do an average to poor job on each (really they do a pretty crap job but no one likes to be told that). They tweet, they update status, they pin, but they don’t do any of it particularly well.

They are sometimes adequate, they are sometimes ok, but most of what they do, if we are being honest is really quite poor.

At this point they start to spend money on creative concepts that they can implement, concepts and ideas to drive and generate traffic. In the end they tend to waste  lots of money on doing something really creative that they have been sold by an agency, rather than getting the basics right in the first place.

So while I agree that it is important to do one channel right before you move on to the next. That you should be doing Twitter well before you try pinterest, it’s the word Amazing that causes an issue for me.

Most businesses will never, ever be amazing on facebook. They will never, ever be amazing on twitter, or pinterest or instagram or any other channel for that matter.

They dont have the budget, the resources, or the will to be genuinely amazing.

Coke can be amazing, let Virgin be brilliant and Carling be wonderful – most businesses should neither strive for amazing, nor be disappointed if they don’t get there.

So, we tell our clients – don’t try to be amazing, try to be useful, try to do it well, really lets start with trying to do it better than crap.

Be better than crap on facebook, stay better than crap, then be better than crap on twitter.


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