It seems that every week, a new, exciting technological advancement is announced, that is going to revolutionise the world of business. No industry benefits more from these new developments than marketing, and there are more just around the bend. Some are already well documented, whereas others get lees media coverage, but are just as exciting.

We’ve spoken about augmented and virtual reality before, but they are so important in terms of developments in the industry that they warrant another mention here. Augmented reality, where the real world is overlaid with computer generated information and images, has numerous and obvious application for marketers. Seeing an advertising campaign tailored specifically for the individual user is a dream that soon may be realised. Virtual reality is even more immersive, with the real world being entirely replaced with one generated by a computer. The more immersed in the product an advert can make a customer feel, the more chance there is that they will buy said product.

Whilst Siri, and other digital assistants used to be difficult to use properly, now, they are becoming a more and more reliable means of finding information. Now, more people than ever are relying on voice based questions, and digital personal assistants are only going to get more advanced.

Data visualisation and self-learning algorithms are two new developments that have huge ramifications. New algorithms that update by themselves when new information is learned, in order to better understand their user’s needs, will be allow for rapid technological advancements. And of course, the more data the better, but it needs to be easy to understand in order to be successfully implemented. The easier the data can be visualised, the more useful it is for advertisers.

There has also been an increase in the number of social media scheduling platforms, which allow advertisers to plan social media releases way in advance, making their whole operation much more efficient. There are some programs that will even write content from scratch, content that could have been mistake for being written buy a human.

And finally, of course, there is the Internet of things, or IoT, which is the general term for interconnected, internet ready Smart devices that can all be remotely controlled. The idea that you can advertise something whilst people are using similar products is very exciting and opens up a whole new real of possibilities.

To really take advantage of the opportunities the digital marketing revolution offers, you need to work with a digital consultancy business that is truly immersed in the market.

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