After the ‘interview’ of over 200 felines and their owners, it is now known that cats can have one of five different personalities; human, hunter, cat’s cat, cantankerous and inquisitive.

This range in personalities is caused by the interaction of cat’s genetics, as well as their experiences during development and adulthood – much the same as how human personalities are made up of their genes and their environment.

We have compiled a short description of each personality so you can tell which your cat is, and how to therefore keep them content.

  • The Human Cat

This cat happily shares your life, home and personal space – they will continuously head-butt you, sit on your lap and knead you with their paws. Their ideal environment is in a family home with people around to make a fuss of them, and the only thing that’ll keep this cat happy is as much human interaction as possible.

  • The Hunter Cat

All cats are born with natural hunting instincts, but this cat is a professional stalker of prey. The hunter cat will love the most realistic cat toys it can get – too keep this little adventurer happy it should be allowed plenty of rural outdoor space to explore without busy main roads to worry about.

  • The Cat’s Cat

This cat should be socialising with other cats and kitten when they’re young – this will help them keep happy relationships with other felines, preferably a furry brother or sister to run wild with all day.

  • The Cantankerous Cat

Although you may just want to cuddle, this cat can be a lot less tolerant to being handled than other cats. They’re on high alert to their surroundings, and take a lot longer to become comfortable with human interaction. This cat is happiest gallivanting around in its own space – when it wants to be handled, this cat should be the one to make the first move.

  • The Inquisitive Cat

This cat is cautious about the unfamiliar, and makes a great detective, sniffing everything new or strange. This inquisitive nature stems from a combination of DNA and a lot of exposure to new sights, smells and sounds from a young age. This is the kind of cat that copes well in a place with lots of different and new people coming and going. It will explore every box, handbag, and strangers lap.

Hopefully this list is useful in determining which type of cat you have – or, if you’re a prospective cat-owner, this could help you decide which cat personality best suits your living situation.


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