People in our society are living longer, on average, than ever before. This means that we tend to be able to stay in our own homes for longer as well. But as we age, cognitive faculties can decline and it can become harder to live independently.

But this is where the onset of smart technology comes into play. If it can make people’s lives easier then it’s possible that outfitting ones home with such technology, to do some of the tasks that become harder to do as we get older, then people will be able to live independently, in their own homes, for longer.

Lack of mobility is one of the things that makes living alone difficult as one ages, but there are number of solutions that smart technology might provide, for example, allowing for appliances and cupboards to be remotely controlled, so that they move to a more accessible location, making them easier to get to. Adapting the home for wheelchair users is another example of how smart tech can help in this area.

As we age, doing manual jobs like mowing the lawn, or cleaning the house, can get harder. Virtual assistants such as Alexa already exist to take some of the strain off of the homeowner when it comes to, for example, remembering an appointment, as would be just as useful for the older user. But assistants of the more robotic variety, to do some of the more physically taxing chores might not be far away. We have already seen robot cleaners that vacuum clean the floor, and there are similar ones that exist to mow the law. These are generally controlled via a smartphone, and whilst they can be expensive, make life a lot easier for people who struggle to do the jobs themselves.

More and more white goods will become smart as time passes, our homes will become a technological ecosystems of gadgets and appliances, all communicating with each other and working together to make our lives easier. There are many positive implications of this, not least of which is the fact that we will be able to live in our own homes and remain independent for longer.

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