Your brand really exists in the mind of the customer – you can manipulate and develop it, but in the end, it exists in the mind of the customer, not in the mission statement, brand statement or brand guidelines. So, it’s all about their perception of your brand – and your ability to influence the perception of your brand positively.

As such, you need to develop a brand strategy that builds the identity you want and curate its content to maximise its effect. This should result in making sure that you are perceived by your customers as you want to be perceived – otherwise you have very limited control over how well your brand represents you and your company. After all, it is yours and you want it to be great, so you need to care.

This should lead to some ruthless self-appraisal. Look at your strengths and weaknesses honestly. What can you build on and improve, and what really isn’t doing you any favours? What do your competitors do badly – and how can you do it better than them?

So, you develop your brand identity as you want it, then you spread it about. You post content, you provide consistent customer service, you keep quality high, you are persistent and consistent, and eventually, your brand starts to be recognised. Remember, you’re operating in a crowded and competitive market, so you’ve got to make some noise, be heard, and be remembered. Building your brand is a long-term strategy for success.

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