Organisations who leave their culture up to chance may be missing a trick when it comes to creating and engaged workforce and a thriving business. What makes it good? What makes it bad? These are pertinent questions for a business keen to succeed when 21% of potential employees take a company’s culture into account when deciding whether to accept a position with it and 18% of employees say that a beneficial culture increases engagement and loyalty.

So, creating a positive and thriving culture is clearly important, and if you follow these rules you will be well on the way to doing just that.

Have a mission statement
A mission statement spotlights what a company aims to achieve. Creating and maintaining a strong culture has to come from the top down giving everyone a shared direction.

Stick with it
If you’re going to create goals, stick with them through thick and thin. Your mission statement reminds everyone what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Live your values
Lead from the top down. If the managers don’t make decisions based on the company vision and values, and embrace them without cynicism, why should the employees?

Be transparent
Keep your employees involved and informed. They are your allies in the success of the business and they should know what’s going on.

Listen to feedback
Empower employees to offer suggestions to improve their environment. They will feel respected and you will reap the benefits of a productive and loyal workforce.

Adapt and Acknowledge
As you listen to feedback, be open to change. Involve employees in finding solutions to problems, fostering a genuine ‘all in it together’ mentality. Recognise and acknowledge your employees – they will feel appreciated and valued which helps create a motivated and productive team.

Have some fun
Many employees expect to have fun in the work environment. So, let them. However small your gesture, showing your employees that work can be an enjoyable place to be will pay dividends.

Be spontaneous
An unexpected spontaneous celebration goes a long way towards keeping up morale. Closing a sale or completing a project may be part of their job, but a spontaneous celebration (on you) adds a lot of goodwill.

Hire wisely
When you interview, have your company culture in mind, and question accordingly. You want new employees to fit in and be happy – and that’s far more likely if they embody your company culture already.

Create a flexible workplace
Give your employees the option to pick workstations that suit them or whatever task they’re tackling – that may mean allowing them to choose between busy open-plan or quiet areas.

Offer opportunities
Nurture professional growth, offer opportunities for employees to expand their skill sets and experience variety you are more likely to retain them in the long term.

Measure your culture, no-one else’s
Ask yourself: are employees happy/engaged/productive? If you have honest answers you can make honest improvements. And remember to keep it personal to your company – it’s unique – what works for others may not work for you, and you’re none the worse for it.

If you keep these rules in mind when you’re trying to fulfil both your organisation’s and your employees’ potential, you’ll be well on the way to a happy, engaged and productive workforce.


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