Your office environment isn’t something to take lightly. After all, it has a direct impact on the success of your business – it’s what your customers see when they visit and it’s what surrounds your team as you try to get the best out of them. So, to give your workspace the right look, why not start with the walls? Whatever they are like, good or bad, people will notice.

Obviously, the easy option is to paint but before you reach for the ubiquitous brush and roller spare a moment to think about office wallpaper instead. Consider the following reasons why you should get wall coverings for your office – they might just make all the difference.

Boost productivity?

Did you know that happy workers are, on average, 12% more productive? You may have built a good company culture and you may be paying your employees well, but there’s another tried and tested way to improve team spirit and that is to improve your office environment.

According to health experts at the University of Minnesota, the work environment can directly influence workers’ mood and motivation. It can even help or hinder staff interactions, as well as create and reduce stress.

It follows then, that if your office interior design is appealing, it can actually boost productivity – and it makes sense to start with the wallpaper. If you choose your wall coverings carefully, you control how you create a calm, engaging, energizing atmosphere that encourages your team to work more efficiently.

Practically speaking, office wallpaper can reduce external noise such as loud traffic and so reduce the potential for distraction. Likewise, wallpaper can also dampen interior echo noises – with the same benefit.

Conserve resources?

Perhaps surprisingly, office wallpaper is an economical choice compared with paint. It will last up to five times longer, reducing both financial and time costs. It requires less maintenance – a regular wipe down is far more cost effective and cheaper than a full repaint. Wall coverings also insulate, saving money on energy use and therefore on heating bills.

Impress clients?

Office wallpaper comes in a variety of patterns, colours and designs. From edgy stripes to bucolic country scenes, the options are endless – all with their ability to inform the mood of the workplace – meaning that you can tailor the design to the tastes and preferences of your own team and your clients.

Provide a clean, consistent look?

Washable wallpaper also offers a cost advantage as it’s designed to handle consistent wear and tear in high traffic areas, is easily maintained, and is durable – as opposed to painted walls that will require more frequent cleaning and repairs – and it always looks clean.

So, wallpaper makes a good case for itself as the office wall decoration of choice. Next time you’re ready to refresh your office décor, think wallpaper.

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