You need to look at every touch point you have with your audience and maximise every opportunity to get your message across.

Basically, touch points are the places where your customers engage with your brand in a way that strengthens and supports their customer experience. So, this may include social media, email marketing, apps, printed mail, ads, website, staff, fulfilment, delivery, customer service and even how you invoice or bill them etc. You need to think in terms of how your touchpoints improve the customer experience. So, do they address customers’ needs? Are they consistent? Do they help retain customers? Are your processes as good as they could be?  Do you try to pre-empt problems? Answering these questions honestly, and acting on them to the customer’s satisfaction, hopefully builds loyalty between your customer, and you and your brand.

To put it bluntly, you want people to buy from you, not your competitors. To capitalise on this, think about how you can use touch points to your advantage – don’t just let them happen or take them for granted. If you can look at these touchpoints from your customer’s perspective – and remember that you are a customer too, so it shouldn’t be difficult – you should be able to get a really useful perspective on how you can do things to improve your offering and develop your business.

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