80% of success is just turning up, so you need to turn up, every day.

But this doesn’t simply mean physically, in person.

It means intellectually.

It means listening to the needs of your current customers and solving their problems, rather than having your ready-made answer and trying to convince both of you that it’s the best solution.

It means following up on potential new customers’ expressions of interest quickly, before they either go elsewhere or decide that they didn’t really want it anyway.

It means being organised and having the will-power to see things through and get tasks done – even if they’re quick, even if they’re small, even if they’re tedious.

Yes, you must prioritise, but don’t forget the little jobs because they all add up to opportunities – and you might just get the deal that was too quick, too small or too tedious for somebody else – simply by turning up when they didn’t.

So, find your list of jobs and get on with them: don’t prevaricate, do show discipline. You might be surprised at just how much you achieve and how successful and satisfied you feel.

Commitment is key. You build your business brick by brick, day by day, and you keep on building. Take responsibility and take action. Nothing will happen unless you make it happen.

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