Marketing impacts every point of your business: any decision that affects what products you sell, who to, and how, is a marketing decision. If you don’t have marketing, then how do you increase awareness of your product, how do you make it visible to a larger audience, and how do you identify shifts in buying behaviour and adapt to them? If you’re not doing that, you’re not selling as much as you could be so you’re not operating your business at its peak potential.

Marketing is the foundation on which you build your sales strategy. You must remember that Sales is part of your Marketing strategy, not separate from it. If you change a sales person, that’s a marketing decision. If you change the price, that’s a marketing decision. It’s no good having a brilliant product if your distribution network is poor. It’s no good having a massive advertising spend if your customer service is poor. It’s no good marketing your product nationally if your sales team only covers certain areas – because the strength of one is diminished by the weakness of the other.

Ideally, all of these different strands work together – Sales and Marketing don’t exist in isolation – they should support each other to maximise potential.

In summary, marketing involves any and all activities which involve research, products and customers – sales is specifically one of these activities which focuses solely on the actual transaction between a business and its customers.

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