Remember that you are not the audience.

All that matters, is that you are useful to your audience – and you are not them – and no matter what they claim, no marketing agency is either – so don’t take your marketing for granted. We all work in our own bubble, so you need to understand that because you are not your audience, you can’t assume that you know how they think, how they will respond and leave it at that.

So, you must question your assumptions and constantly have an open mind about the people you are trying to persuade – which means that you have to be objective about your work. What you are trying to do is set yourself apart from everyone else who also says they can do what you do. Simply saying, for example, that your food is local isn’t enough. That’s what everyone else says and isn’t an end in itself. You need to get into the heads of your customers – tell them what you do differently that produces brilliant results. Try to make sure that what you are saying to them corresponds with what they want to hear – and pre-empt their objections by already addressing them.

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