Marketing is about Attention, Interest, Design, Action and Reaction.

Or…AIDAR…and no, it’s not some strange version of a Verdi opera. It means:

  • Attention – we need to gain attention and be noticed
  • Interest – we need to provoke interest
  • Desire – we need to create desire for our product
  • Action – we need to get them to act on that desire
  • Reaction – we need to get them to do it again.

It means that every element of your marketing is designed to work within this structure:   you put things in place to generate attention, you make people interested, you build some desire and then you ask for the business. And after you’ve got it, you try and get them to repeat it.

Don’t be nervous, as many people are, about the close – the part when you actually ask for the business. Remember that if you don’t go for it you haven’t got it anyway – they need to be asked before they can say no! (And if it goes to plan, they’ll say yes).

However quick your sales process and however quickly you can get customers to go from never even thinking of buying your product to having bought (think about Amazon), you still have to go though the process and gain their attention, make them interested, make them desire it and make them act on that desire.

Every, single time.

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