Doing something 90% well is good enough. Do not strive for perfection – strive for communicating, communicating again, and then communicating again.

If you aim to get something 90% right, then you will have planned, acted, done it, learned, and moved on to the next thing while your competitor is still aiming for 100%.

The key to marketing is to make a decision, implement it, and learn, so that the next decision is better.

You’re not pursuing perfection, you’re pursuing progress. Remember that perfection suggests that you have done something so well that its level of excellence can’t be bettered – and that’s both unrealistic and unreachable.

Pursuing perfection enables you to avoid taking decisive action and facing the consequences of not being quite right. Getting things done is what matters – and being willing to try again if you make mistakes. That is how your ability will develop, but don’t be surprised if it feels uncomfortable.

Remember, success doesn’t just come to those who do things perfectly – because there is no such thing. Yes, you need to be competent, but after a certain point, focus on the big picture so that you don’t become so wrapped up in the detail that you become paralysed by it and don’t do anything at all.

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