An example of this is in a kitchen. You can tidy a kitchen for 3 hours, washing, drying and placing everything just so. You clean the fridge, the floor and the cupboards, and it’s perfect. Then, an hour later, someone has made a cup of tea. And suddenly, things have changed: they’ve spilled a drop of water on the worktop and the milk isn’t quite back in the same position. The teabag dripped a bit when they put it in the bin which has now moved around, and the dirty teaspoon is nowhere near the dishwasher. Over time, every tiny interaction has had an effect moving that pristine kitchen further and further away from where it was when you’d finished your spring clean. The chaos increases. You make a sandcastle and it’s perfect but after a short time it rains, it’s windy, someone walks past and scuffs a bit of sand on it then finally the tide comes in. By then, the sandcastle is unrecognisable or not even there at all. External interactions have changed it.

So, consider how entropy works in a business situation. You get everything set up just as you want it, then over a period it becomes disordered. You’ve created a perfect campaign but as you move along bits are added or removed, and that’s not what you want because it soon ceases to be the same perfect campaign you’d set up. So, you need to make sure that once you’ve set something up, it’s under constant review to make sure its on brand, doesn’t change, and it stays exactly how you want it.

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