IMost new marketing technology is being driven with engagement at the forefront of the developer’s minds. After all, engagement is key to any good piece of marketing. It isn’t enough to have a presence online, you need the interactions to lead to increased visibility.

You also have to ensure that the customer’s journey is tracked in some way, and there are a number of technological solutions for this. Being able to understand how your customers think, whether they look at a product a few times before buying, and why, is an invaluable resource. Recognising customer’s behaviour patterns, and being able to understand and predict how customers will act, is invaluable resource for marketers, and marketing technology can help. Even something as simple as a branded GIF gets your message seen by potential new customers, and whilst it might seem like a little thing, every advantage you can get is worth it.

Content creation has always been a great way to generate engagement, and with marketing technology, it can be even more personalised, and therefore effective. The advent of virtual and augmented reality, and the ease at which developers can create personalised, tailored content for customers. These particular industries are only going to get more investment, and thus, the services offered will improve, which in turn will lead to even more creative and effective marketing solutions.

As we know, meaningful connections are vital to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship, and finding a balance between technology and a personal touch is important. Finding something you are passionate about, sticking to it, and using technology to make the line of communication more efficient, is the best way to create this balance. And the future of marketing technology is going to be just as useful in this regard. Blockchain will allow marketers to interact with their customers not only directly, but securely, at a time when issues surrounding data misuse and privacy are hot topics. VR and AR will allow companies and customers to communicate effortlessly and clearly.

To conclude, it is vital that your online presence translates into engagement between company and customer. Marketing technologies are advancing at a rapid rate, and will be invaluable resource when it comes to creating and maintaining this relationship, which is mutually beneficial.

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