Certainly, use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, but never rely on them because the rules can change, so don’t build your business on them – especially not in the long term. Use them to drive traffic and to generate leads but make sure that your own platform is owned by you. You wouldn’t run a shop where the only way you could get in is if someone else let you, or if you had to pay someone else to change your window display.

Obviously, you don’t want to pay over the odds for your website and subsequent ongoing activity, but remember that your website sits on top of the traditional hygiene factors of your product, price, place and promotion, your sales strategy, your look and feel, your logo and your brand development.

As it is the hub around which all your activity is built, without a good quality, well-structured website, it is difficult to operate in the digital environment.

You can build a company just selling through eBay or Amazon, but in the end, this will become limiting; it’s hard to build a brand and engage with the audience when the only expression of your brand and organisation is restricted through someone else’s platform, so remember – always own it yourself.

This was written as part of a content marketing strategy for Animmersion, a client based in Middlesborough. MCM2 provide full-service digital marketing, including, email marketing, pay per click, content, seo, design, web building and strategy.

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