This is an exercise we do on one of our training courses.

Think of a TV program that  you used to love, used to watch, but don’t watch now.

Now, think about why did you stop.

One attendee used to love X-Factor, but stopped watching because it seemed to become more about humiliating people. One loved CSI and Hawaii 5 0 – But lets be honest, how many ways can you murder someone before it becomes boring. I used to love Hannibal, but in the end wondered where he found the time to be master chef, hold down his job, help the FBi and kill people in increasingly complex ways.

People give us a number of reasons they stop watching;

  • It became boring
  • The main actor left (or died)
  • It became silly
  • It became repetitive
  • The characters changed, and they lost what made them special
  • Its dated now
  • I watched it with the kids, who are now grown up
  • No one else liked it, so I stopped

Which are all cases that people stop buying from us, from our companies.

How a TV programme remains interesting, entertaining, and above all worthy of your time, is worth thinking about.  So it is a good exercise to spend a few minutes thinking about something that has lost your interest, what can you learn for your own business?