What you think running a business should be

People come to us when they realise they need help with their business.

Often we find that people who are great at delivery, highly dedicated, excel at the core of their business, are great on ‘the tools’ but struggle with some of the core elements of business.

I know I did.

Running a large creative business, I ended up managing the finances, dealing with HR issues, and basically doing all the things I was not great at as well as the things that I was.

So I made many mistakes which looking back were avoidable, and learned a lot from them.

We all know that true business development, growth and improvement takes time and effort and its not a one size fits all process. Importantly it is a two way process and all parties have to be committed.

Our approach is a combination of experience,  analysis, problem-solving, business process implementation, and being ‘the boring person’ in the room.

We can be there to guide and direct you by offering logical, rational advice which is not predicated by your inevitable, yet highly personal, emotional involvement with your business.

What it can be actually like

Quite often clients know there is something wrong, but don’t know what it is. They are often excellent at delivery, great at working ‘on the tools’ but are not comfortable with some of the complexity of running an organisation. It’s not that they can’t do it, or are not capable, it’s usually that they have never been shown how.

So that’s what we do.

But it takes time

We know that we cannot make a difference in less than 6 months as it takes time for changes to take effect. There is no single, quick solution to the complexity of business.

And is does cost (but perhaps not as much as you might think).

Our approach is relatively simple: we don’t charge the earth, but we do require a commitment. We charge £200 per month and require an initial 6 month commitment at £200 per month – £1,200 in total.

Is it worth it? Well, we have over 30 years’ genuine business experience. We have been through pretty much every issue, every problem, have been up and been down, have run small and large companies.

We also know how much other people charge. So we know exactly where our prices sit. Price for external coaching has become a barrier to many smaller companies, who simply cannot afford to spend too much, and so don’t get the advice the companies with bigger budgets can afford.

So, our business model is to make a smaller amount of profit from a wider range of companies. Rather than charge more, have fewer clients and so both a narrower experience and be more at risk of being reliant on a few high paying clients.

So we try to charge what we believe is a fair amount, we know what we’re talking about and over the 6 months can definitely add value to your business.

Get in touch

A consultancy relationship is like a jigsaw, we have some of the pieces, and you have the others. They have to fit together, or it will not work.

So the first stage is to talk, to spend an hour or so gettting to know each other.

To look each other in the eye and see if we can work together.

Obviously it costs nothing to talk, so if you are interested, book in a session with us, and we an see if the pieces fit.

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The 6 month  structure

Month 1

  • 2 hour (ideally) face to face kick off meeting
  • 1 hours online coaching

The purpose of this session is to collect together the initial data. To get a clear view of the challenges facing the business and set some objectives.

Month 2

  • 4 hours online coaching

Month 3

  • 2 hour (ideally) face to face  meeting
  • 1 hours online coaching

Month 4

  • 4 hours online coaching

Month 5

  • 4 hours online coaching

Month 16

  • 2 hour (ideally) face to face next steps meeting

At this point we do an in depth review of what we have achieved and revise the objectives for the next 6 months.