What is it?

Google Adwords or ppc is an incredible tool for marketing, it may not be as exciting as television ads, as ‘of the moment as’ tiktok videos, it wont win you awards for creativity, or make you employee of the month. In fact, its a little bit boring, but if you need something that will drive traffic to your site from day 1, then google ppc is the way to do it.

If you go inte google, and type smethin in, then its the ads you see at the top, pretty uch every time you do a search. Its the reason google makes so much money, the reason they exist really, there are 5.7 million searches (at least) every minute of every day, and google ads monetises it.

Thin about this…

You will get people looking for your prodyct visiting your site, from day one. If they dont eget in touch, or dont buy, then that is not their fault. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR WGAT YOU SELL.

Dont delude yourself by thionking, oh hteny are no good, not real leads. SUre if 100 people click, you will get some time waasters, clients clicking, competitors, peolpe looking for jobs. But not all 100 no way.

So if they dont buy, thats your fault. not theirs, something is wrong with you product, the presentation of your product, brand, service, process, logitistics, so look to yourself, what is not right.


So, how does it work

  1. Customer goes to google
  2. types in a search term – say marketing agency cheshire
  3. up pops your ad alongside the ads of your competitors (if they are doing ppc)
  4. they click
  5. they go to your websits
  6. you pay google and amount fot that visits (the amount varies depending on your marketm how competitive it is – we have had it at 12p and £6 and all amoutns in between)


What’s so good about it

well, a number of things

  1. you get peolpe to your site who are looking for your prodyct
  2. you get people to your site who are looking for your product there and then
  3. its cost effective, you know what you are paying and what it does
  4. it can be turned on quickly – takes about 1/2 a day to set up
  5. you can set your budget, you know how mych you are spending each day
  6. you can spend as little or as much as you want, the least any of our clicnts spends is around £50 per month, the most about £4,000.

Who is it good for

Literally anyone at all, i dont care how niche your product is, or how much you beleive that you know everyone in it, you dont. It doesnot matter if only one person searches for your highly niche product every year, if they do , you want your ad to show up. it is really simple.


we have a client in the b2b sector, very niche, very specific. Veryu much of the mind that they know everyone in their market. They picked up a 10 million contract because one friday afternoon a p.a. was tasked with solving a problem. The company had been let down by a upplier, and the MD asked teh pa to find an alternative. They sat down, did what we all do , searched on google, saw tweh ad, went to the site and got in touch

We picked up a client last year, who had been paying fees avery month to an agency for managging tehier ppc campaign.

Every month they got a report saying exaclty what the agency had done, detailing the changes they had made

trouble is, the agency was not telling the trouth.

they seemed to hae forgotten thetrey ris a button called change history in google ppc. where you can click and see all the changes thathad been done. And, it shoed they had not been int the account for 8 months.

Sounds wrong, it is, and it happens all teh time, we have picked up loads of lcients hwer the previopsu agnecy ash not done anything at all for teh money for a long tmie.

Another client spends about £400 on their ppc per month, and they say that roughtly 70% of their bsuienss comes from it. They are a mix of business to business and business to consumer.

They run  set of consistent ads, each one aimed at specific keywords. every month we tweak the ads, change the keywords, and work on teh targeting.

With an average click through rate – worldwide – of 2%, we have hit a peak of 17%.