You’ve got people to love your company but how do you make it last?

Once someone loves you, how do you keep them loving you?

And once someone loves your company, how do you keep them loving your company?

So yes, we need to create love for our company, but aren’t there some companies we all love that seem to come out of nowhere and just snowball along?

Companies such as

• Apple
• Marvel
• Nike
• Harley Davidson

In terms of the going on a date analogy they are just gorgeous…

So let’s think about the ‘gorgeous’.

When we do this with groups of people, occasionally, one person, when asked about how they attract attention to get the date, more or less says, ‘Well I just walk into a bar and they come to me. I don’t do anything really.’

It’s usually said with a smile, half as a joke, but it does show a certain level of confidence that most of us don’t possess.

And it’s probably true.

They, for whatever reason, are gorgeous. It may be a bit shallow but still, somehow,. because of their looks, personality, or some combination of the two, they light up a room.

They attract the attention of everyone and can have their pick of dates because everybody wants them. We all know people like that.

Most of us, however, aren’t like that and I would suggest that even for the ones who are, a lot of work has still gone into being gorgeous. Think of the effort required to be Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie. Or Apple, Nike, Harley Davidson. Some of it is undoubtedly natural but some is just hard work. Regardless, for most of us, this is not our usual dating experience.

Clearly, there are some ‘gorgeous’ products that don’t appear to try to get their audience to buy them:

  • The Apple iPad
  • The first Star Wars film (people queued around the block)
  • Marvels Endgame (people choose to watch the adverts and trailers)
  • Magnum ice creams on a sunny day
  • Concert tickets for anyone who sells out in 2 minutes

But, even through these products are ‘gorgeous’ and they seem to sell as quickly as they are produced, a huge amount of work has probably gone into making them like that. It’s very rare that an overnight success really happens overnight. It takes time, money, effort, commitment and sacrifice to create something so gorgeous that people will queue up to get it.

If you happen to have a product that sells effortlessly that’s brilliant news – we’d love to hear from you about what it is and how you’ve done it. But just remember, if you rely on your looks and personality alone, trends change, people get bored and they go on to the next product or person. We need to stop that happening, and keep them interested in us.