Ok, next step, lets think about from the opposite angle – why people fall out of love, why they stop loving us.

Think of a TV program or series you loved. You watched every single episode without fail then for some reason you stopped and never got to the end. Or you just don’t watch it anymore

Here’s my example. I used to love watching:

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Brookside
  • 24
  • The Flash
  • Neighbours
  • Preacher

Then I stopped. I don’t watch any of them anymore, but why?

The characters didn’t really relate to me anymore
I used to watch with my children when they were younger
I just got too busy and didn’t have the time
No one else was watching it
The storyline/plot/characters no longer appealed
The effort required to watch wasn’t worth it

When we ask this in our training sessions we get the same, consistent reponses:

  • Lost interest
  • Quality went downhill
  • Writing became poor
  • Stopped being funny
  • Family thing and the kids grew out of it
  • Time and place thing
  • Lost its ‘secret sauce’ and no longer felt special
  • Didn’t feel aimed at me anymore
  • I changed
  • It changed
  • Got bored

So, if that happened to you with something you loved, how can you prevent it from happening to your product or company?

How do you keep your customers in love?

How can you:

  • Stop them losing interest
  • Maintain your product quality
  • Keep it true to what makes it great
  • Maintain service levels
  • Make it last, make it multigenerational
  • Change your product but keep it relevant
  • Stop them from getting bored